Earth and Fire Art Imports
Earth and Fire Imports is proud to present a unique selection of decorative arts by talented Mexican craftsmen. Created from earth and fire to emerge as a thing of beauty, each piece of exquisite, museum-quality artwork on these pages has been hand-selected by Earth and Fire Imports.

Located on the Texas-Mexico border in the Big Bendís Chihuahuan Desert, Earth and Fire Imports takes advantage of its unique position to offer hand-crafted metal artwork imported directly from some of the finest artists of Mexico.

Each of our imported lines has been selected for its superior artistry as well as craftsmanship and quality that speaks for itself. We are proud to offer artwork that is truly art, yet much more than that, as you will see for yourself as you read and learn more about the artists and families who create these beautiful and highly collectible pieces.

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Metal Art by
Alejandro Jimenez
Handcrafted metal wall art featuring a wide variety of natural, spiritual and cultural subjects.
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